Remove Footer Credit Powered By WordPress

Footer Credit

First of all thanks for giving your time to read this blog. Using wordpress theme and wanted to customize your theme, like want to remove your footer option which is powered by WordPress and theme name. Here we are going to explain about how to remove footer credit powered by wordpress. You are right place here I am going to share a technique through that you can resolve and make that copyright as well furthermore customization. Well I did much more research on this and as a result find many ways to do this. Like going to your theme editor option and doing some changes but in this by chance

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List of Most Powerful Books You must read once in Your Life

Online Books

Hello audience here I am going to index the most powerful books which has changed many people life after reading these books. I did much more research on this and finally I got some good collections. I will personally recommend audience to read these books. Most of people prefer to read books inspite of watching videos. Because when we read book many types of benefits we get like our mind exercise, growth of mind and similarly much more. Because of reading books our mind passes through a exercise so musceles of our mind become strong. Our thinking and creativity power increase. Some experts says that before sleeping or going on

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Factory Reset Android Cellphone

Android Cellphone

First of all I would like to thanks for reading this article, sometimes what happens, for the purpose of safety and security we used to create our Smartphone locking pattern or password something difficult. But after sometimes or some days we used to forgot our password and not able to unlock our mobile because of our complicated pattern or password. Finally we decide to hard reset mobile to recover our mobile functions. It happened with me too I forgot my coolpad mobile pattern. I tried many times but I was not able to open the mobile and as a result I took help of Google and I find the given

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Disable Windows 10 Auto update Permanently


Hey guys this article is about windows 10 update, as we know whenever our system get update it consumes much more data and if we are using any hotspot data or limited data source we feel very sad because we lost more data. The main fact is that we can or you can say that after few days once they check their data they find that since they didn’t use the Wi-Fi like uploading, downloading, live watching video still they lost their data. So friends don’t worry on that case, you will be thinking someone is using your Wi-Fi so that you are losing your data but it’s not like

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Start Your WordPress Website in Just 5 Minutes


Well first of all I would like to thank you for giving your valuable time to read this blog. In this article I am going to explain about website creation through Hostgator and WordPress Platform in a very simple steps. I am coming to my point, now a days each and every person wanted to get the mainly three things name, fame and money. Now I can’t give you assurance about name and fame but yes for making money through online I can. But for that you should have dedication, hardworking nature and honesty for your work. Due to this reason, many people used to start their blog with a

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